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Suomen henki
(The Spirit of Finland , Jenni Luhta, 2017)

The Spirit of Finland is a film by visual artist Jenni Luhta. It was made for the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence. The work is Luhta’s interpretation of the factors and persons without which it is impossible to form a national self-understanding of the last 100 years of Finland. The film stars Moomintroll, Finnish presidents C. G. E. Mannerheim, J. K. Paasikivi and Urho Kekkonen and writer Paavo Haavikko. Dreamlike in its appearance, the work is a depiction of fertilisation, awakening of consciousness that leads to the birth of a child. The film’s main characters take the spectator inside the process of the spirit of Finland, on a journey during which the demons of history are encountered and it is revealed what the enemy of Finland is and how it can be repulsed.

The work was completed by the morning of December 6, 2017, the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence, and was immediately released on the film’s web page. Currently the work is not available on the net. If you want to see the film, please contact: info at jennilauriluhta dot fi.