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Moses is the second full-lenght feature (duration 94') by Finnish film-making couple Jenni & Lauri Luhta. Its world premiere will be at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024, where it has been accepted to the Tiger Competition. 

Moses depicts Sigmund Freud (Jenni Luhta), the founder of psychoanalysis, during his final years, when he was obsessed with Moses (Lauri Luhta), the founder of Judaism and the founding of monotheistic religion. Entombed in a dark place, surrounded by the threath of antisemitism and war, the elderly Freud, ever the heroic atheist, attempts as his final deed to come to terms with the central figure of Judaism. What Freud says of "the man Moses", and how he says it, reveals much about the man Freud. But did Moses escape him in the end?

The production was partly funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Written, directed & produced by
Jenni & Lauri Luhta

Jenni Luhta as Sigmund Freud
Lauri Luhta as Moses

Filmed, animated and edited by
Jenni Luhta

Researched & translations by
Lauri Luhta

Original music by
Timo Viialainen

Date of release
International Film Festival Rotterdam (Tiger Competition), Netherlands, January 2024